Truck mounted hydraulic cranes
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Training courses for operators on Cranes for truck

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Training for crane operator

At our office the training courses for crane operators, are carried out under the provisions of the Consolidated Law on Safety Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the State/Regions agreement of February 2012 Obligation to driving from 03/12/2013

The courses are carried out in a suitable classroom, and adequate space to carry out the practical tests with a weight to be moved (in case of bad weather we have a warehouse with possibility to use the vehicle without problems due to the intake of exhaust fumes). The means provided comply with the Revisions and maintenance (Registration documents, Manufacturer's manual, Periodic checks, Maintenance).

Each course takes place over two days, one for a classroom training of approx. 4 hours (with written verification in the form of multiple choice response test) and a practice one during 8 hours, with the use of a crane and the subsequent verification on use skills. There will be a lunch break at the company.

Operators requirements: valid driving license, Italian language spoken and written and self-certification for employability or Occupational Physician Certification.

Once passed the exams, the Certificates of "participation in the course" will be delivered as well as a card (badge) with a photograph that proves passing the Education verification for a validity of 5 years.